Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Meet the Designer: Jane Pope from BALBOA Jewelry

Jewelry Designer Jane Pope Cooper is known for the vintage yet classic combinations she puts together in her BALBOA line.  Simple and stylish, Jane's designs can transform an everyday outfit into a "WOW" ensemble.  Her timeless pieces can be worn for years to come.  We recently caught up with the busy soon to be mother of two:

Name: Jane Pope Cooper

Occupation & Company:  designer BALBOA Jewelry and Jane Pope Collection

Years in business: 11

We just relocated to Spartanburg, SC…
I have taken this business from Charlotte, NC to Los Angeles to Charleston, SC to NYC to DC and now landed back in SC. 

Tell us a little about your work: 
I have two collections.  Balboa jewelry is my costume line and contains vintage elements reworked for a more modern feel. 
My Jane Pope Collection is fine jewelry.  I use mostly 14 kt yellow, rose and white gold, but I have recently introduced Silver.  I love mixing metals and textures to give simple pieces more interest.

What makes your products stand out:
Since the Balboa line contains vintage elements, each piece is limited to re-production and are often one-of-a-kind.  This keeps things fresh and new!  Although I can make a version of something again, there may never be an exact replica.  Everyone likes to feel special and unique. Having a one-of a-a-kind piece certainly helps make you feel confident that you will not run into someone in the same look.

Describe your style in 3 words:
Can’t Be Described - ha!
I don’t know if I can classify my own style.  I love patterns and neutrals, modern and classic, bold and simple, feminine and tailored.... mixed together of course!  Eclectic is such an overused word, but it fits I guess. 
What inspires you:
I find inspiration in everything around me.  It can be something simple and at first glance mundane that sparks a creative energy… a texture of something, a fabric, a color combination, photography, travel. 

What is your current favorite trend:
I am bad about following trends in my own style. I feel that mixing more trend strong pieces with classic ones creates a more authentic picture of your style.  Right now, I am 38 weeks pregnant, so my favorite trend is anything that makes me look less gargantuan… I am wearing a lot of fitted dresses.  Showing off the bump works better for my body than draping too much fabric over it.   I look forward to working texture and volume back into my wardrobe this Fall!  I have been working with less is more for the past 9 months.  I am anxious to mix things up a bit post baby!

BALBOA Jewelry can be found exclusively in Lexington at Adelé.  Thanks to Jane for her time!

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